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Welcome all to the new year , just a quick note today to remind you all about tax time this year . One of the fastest ways to get your taxes filed is with the great team at Turbotax and below they sent us a link to one of their best sales teams for great deals at Turbotax so you guys can save a bucket load of cash, Dont forget to file by April 1 this year.

Has it been 6 months already? It was last August when ATi shocked the gaming community with the stunning 9700 pro. With a near-perfect launch and unexpectedly good driver support, this card single-handedly turned around ATis reputation, while throwing NVIDIA a curveball in the process. Even today, the 9700 pro is arguably the champ, even paired against NVIDIAs latest GeForceFX. Today, ATi is out to prove that theyre not just a one-trick pony, by clearly regaining the speed crown and throwing in even more features.”

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;@ Bjorn3D
;@ Beyond3D


Web News: TwinMOS Unleashes DDR-466 (PC3700)


A New Benchmark in DDR Performance – PC3700 (DDR 466MHz)

Upon the PC3200 DDR400MHz accepted by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) as the latest memory standard, TwinMOS stays one step ahead of the technology curve by launching one of the first PC3700 Unbuffered DIMM Modules. Featuring speeds up to 466Mhz, PC3700 DDR 466 delivers enhanced bandwidth up to 3728MB per second.

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PPC Network: Pinoy PC: It’s back and better than ever!


Seems that PinoyPC.NET is already back online… for those of you who are not familiar with Pinoy PC, just head on to their website and find out yourself 😉

head on to to check out the new look…

Our Dell Computer Deals Section

Here we post offers and specials on the latest in Dell computer ware . Dell has been our go to computers for years , from the PCs to Laptops to gaming , Alienware and much much more Dell seems to consistently offer us great devices at great prices .So here are some sources we offer you to get the top deals on Dell products .

Get a $100 Dell promo eGift card with the SteelSeries Siberia 800 Headset, just $299.98 with free shipping!

Save $200 and get a $250 Dell promo eGift card with the Samsung 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV UN55MU7000F UHD TV, just $899.99 with free shipping!

Student exclusive savings: Save an additional $150 on select PCs. Starting at $549 after coupon code:

Web News: Crucial Enters the DDR-400 (PC3200) Market


Just got an email from Crucial announcing the availability of their DDR-400 (PC3200) memory modules…

“Just a heads-up that Crucial is beginning to add PC3200 DDR SDRAM (DDR400) to its high-quality DDR product line. Both 256MB and 512MB PC3200 modules are now available online at Weve received a growing number of requests for this higher-speed memory in recent months and are now offering a solution to meet the diverse needs of our customers.”

find out more @ their website

Web News: 3DMark�03 Released


Futuremark  Corporations new 3D graphics benchmark supports Microsoft  DirectX 9.0 and introduces several ground breaking innovations.

Saratoga, California USA   February 11th, 2003   Futuremark Corporation (formerly known as, a leading provider of PC performance analysis software and services, today released 3DMark 03, a major enhancement to its popular 3DMark  suite of benchmark solutions originally launched in 1998.

3DMark03 sets the new standard for easily and objectively measuring and comparing modern PCs  3D graphics performance. It supports the latest Microsoft  DirectX 9.0 and contains four new mind blowing real-time 3D game tests as well as advanced DirectX 9.0 feature tests. An integrated online comparison service provides the user with an unprecedented insight into her PC s performance and bottlenecks by enabling detailed test result comparisons with a community of hundreds of thousands of users.

“Overall, the Cheetah 10K.6 comes in with a maximum read speed average of about 69314.0kps while our Maxtor ATA/133 drive tops out at 43615.0kps. Clearly we can see the Cheetah 10K.6 holds a nice lead over the Maxtor when it comes to maximum sustained read rates. When it comes to the average lows for read rates, the Cheetah 10K.6 comes in with a low mark of 36012.75kps while the Maxtor comes in at 23304.0kps. Once again there is a nice difference between drives in overall performance.”

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Web News: Massive Development Aquamark 3 PR


Massive Development publishes new Benchmark Program

Tuesday 30th January . Massive Development, subsidiary of the publisher JoWooD Productions AG, announces that they will publish a successor to its 3D benchmark program AquaMark 2.3 during this financial quarter.

Web News: shows us two ways to cut a window in your Tower!


“Today we show your two different ways to cut a window in your pc. Both ways are quite simple to realise and look good. Choose for yourself what way you take. ;)”



PPC Network: PSA: Colin McRae 3 for the XBox Game Review


“Here comes the Xbox, Microsoft’s first console for this generation. It heralds a complete racing game stable with Rallisport Challenge, Project Gotham Racing, Sega GT 2002, MotoGP, Quantum Red Shift and the likes, representing the Arcade Rally, Street Racing, GT Racing, Motorcycle Racing, and Futuristic racing. More racing games are still coming out for the Xbox, and if you’re a driving nut, there’s more than enough reason to admit that the Xbox is the racing fan’s dream console.”


Web News: PixelView announces its GeForce4 Ti4800SE


Prolink Microsystems Corporation has the full confidence to announce PixelView GeForce4 Ti4800SE as the fastest Ti4800SE in the world!In heir of AGP8X series, PixelView GeForce4 Ti4800SE also owns the latest AGP8X processing subsystem and have two key features.


Web News: SLK 700 Limited Edition @


“The latest member of the narrow heatspreader base SLK family the SLK-700 has recently been released as a “Limited Edition” model. While the SLK-700 and SLK-800 resemble one another the SLK-700 is never the less, different. The SLK -700 has been designed to be used with the YS Tech 74mm TMD fan and uses the proven three-pronged clip that provides rock solid attachment to “Socket A” motherboards. Like its brother, the clip is locked within the heatsink meaning that the clip can’t mistakenly be installed backwards.”

PPC Network: PSA has a nice Lian-Li Case Roundup posted…


“By taking a mere glance at the price tags of the Lian-Li cases, most people would stay away thinking that their money is better spent elsewhere, but they’re wrong. There’s no better investment than a good home for your computers. Choosing cases that will not rust, weather and wear should be a no-brainer.”

check it out here

Site News: Welcome 


2017 is here… may it be a brighter year… and may there be peace in the whole world and respect to each others beliefs… let’s all live in harmony and help each other achieve what we all want… PEACE, PROSPERITY, AND UNITY…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



Site News: Merry Christmas to all!


Just wanna say have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

Site News: iSTORYA.COM XMas Party / LAN Party / Eyeball


iSTORYA.COM – Cebu’s first and only online community will hold it’s first ever Christmas Party / Eyeball this Saturday,  @ The Pavilion of the Montebello Villa Garden Hotel… activities include games, talk, dinner, and LAN Party… Registration / Food fee is P200…

Prizes @ stake include a Pre-Modded Case, Free Window Mod, and a Lighted Fan courtesy of ARC-Tech Solutions.; Overnight Stay at the Montebello Villa Garden Hotel, Family Sunday Lunch Buffet for 4 (free use of resort facilities) @ the Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, Gift Certificate from Dataventure Cebu, giveaways from Insotec and some other surprises… for more info or if you want to join, simply login or register @ the iSTORYA.COM Forums

Site News: Download problems & updates


– Fixed download problem when downloading MadOnion / FutureMark benchmarks…

– added latest nVidia Detonators (41.09) to downloads

Web News: /me interviewed by ARCTech Solutions


A quick interview done by ARCTech Solutions… we had a LAN Party and we just sort of popped up the idea of doing the long delayed interview… never thought it would be published… but…. well they did publish it… read it if you wanna know more about how we started the scene here (in cebu)… 🙂


Site News: WHQL Certified 40.72 Detonators Available for Download


Just added the WHQL Certified 40.72 Drivers for Win9x, Win2k, & WinXP to the downloads section… all files are mirrored locally… enjoy!