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A guide to attaching a large HSF on your Video Card


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By: Gerald “BeoR” Yuvallos 


We’ve seen a lot of guides showing us how to attach a large heatsink to our Video Card’s GPU by using Thermal Epoxy, Thermal Tape, and even Instant Epoxy… while all of these can do the job (sticking the heatsink on), it is not what I can call a practical solution. Not practical in the sense that if something went wrong all of the sudden, you’ll have to say bye-bye to your warranty!… aside from that, we also know that Instant Epoxy has corrosive properties, and what if you’ll suddenly decide to sell your Video Card, do you think your buyer will like what he sees? While some people may actually like it, there are more people who doesn’t understand our trade (modding) than those who do. So today, I’m going to show you a non-permanent and much easier approach of attaching a large heatsink on your Video Card!

Materials / Tools Needed:

· Your video card (in this guide I used a Geforce2/Pro VGA Card)
· A big Heatsink w/Fan (my victim is a stock Intel Celeron HSF)
· A piece of Paper / Board (I used a call card paper) for making a template
· A Handheld / Press Drill (I’m at home… so I used a Hand Drill :))
· A 3/16 inch Drill Bit (check if it fits the mounting holes of your video card. if not, look for one that fits)
· 2 Pcs 3/16 inch diameter x 1 inch long Self Tapping Screws (same as above, check if it fits easily)
· 2 Pcs Motherboard Washers
· A Pencil (for marking)

… two self tapping screws w/washers attached, hand drill, and the card over the heatsink …

Nuff said! Let’s go on to the preliminaries… 🙂

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