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The Dell XPS 14 – Is It Any Good?

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Dell was a little late to the Ultrabook game, however, it made a spectacular entrance with its original slim, smooth and yelling premium from every inch, the XPS 13 was a success, and was quickly followed by the similarly-styled XPS 14 and XPS 15. We’re taking a look at the former to see how a conventional MacBook Pro-like Ultrabook with no touchscreen option in the works.

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Forget the image of Dell laptop computers as generic-looking plastic boxes (or, less generously, cheap-looking ones). The past number of generations of both Inspiron and XPS laptop computers– the company’s mainstream and high-end lines, respectively– have been moving in the ideal instructions in style, even if dragged there by the development of Apple’s MacBooks and the push towards thinner, snazzier ultrabook-style laptop computers.

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The most recent revamp of the Inspiron and XPS laptops are the very best either system has ever looked, and the brand-new flagship may well be the 14-inch XPS 14. A midsize version of the Dell XPS 13 we saw earlier in the year, this is a similarly strong, slablike system, with an eye for aesthetic minimalism however with enough extra features, from a higher-res display to a backlit keyboard to a DisplayPort jack, to feel premium. Our evaluation sample included an Intel Core i7 CPU and discrete Nvidia GeForce 630M graphics, for $1,499.

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Outside Case

Craftsmanship and design are persuading. Craftsmanship and design are convincing. Aesthetically the brand-new XPS 14 is based on the smaller sized model. The difference originates from the bigger chassis 33.6 x 23.3 x 2.08 cm, (13.2 x 9.17 x 0.82 inches, WxDxH) and an overall weight of 2.06 kg (4.54 pounds). The smaller sized XPS 13 weighs only 1.36 kg (3 pounds) and is therefore 34% lighter. The case itself is made from a single piece of aluminum, making it very stable. The palm rest is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. Consequently, the soft-touch surface area has an enjoyable feel. The base of the gadget is covered with silicon, on which the gadget rests. In general, the XPS 14 leaves a top quality impression. The style is easy with a contrast of silver and black and is downright to the liking of the editor.

Unlike each laptop coming out of the gate, the XPS 14 does not have a chiclet keyboard. Not having the extra gaps in between the secrets was an adjustment– we’ve gotten exceptionally adept at typing on those keyboards– however, one we had the ability to make. The keyboard itself is quite firm, and there’s no noticeable flex– although, the plastic secrets have a slightly too much offer. What happened to the rubbery feeling secrets on the M1530 is beyond us, however, we’re delighted to sign a petition to obtain Dell to bring ’em back! Still, we typed the whole of this evaluation at a really decent clip and we’re huge (big!) fans of the backlight. The backlight can be changed or turned off by either tapping the F6 key or sliding the toggle in Windows Mobility. The leading row of function keys doubles as multimedia controls, and there’s a strip of LED touch controls above it that includes faster ways to WavesMax Audio settings, Windows Mobility Center and another that can be personalized to introduce a program or site of your choice.

Specifications and efficiency

An ultra-low voltage (17W) Ivy Bridge Core i7-3517U is at the helm of the configuration, and it has a 1.9 GHz frequency, two cores, and Hyper-Threading. These results are faster than exactly what the full-voltage, Sandy Bridge Core i5-based Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 Ultrabook attained in the same tests, and also slightly much better than exactly what the 1.8 GHz, Core i5-based Fujitsu LifeBook U772 Ultrabook achieved. One question I get a lot is about antivirus security protection on this laptop and the short answer is to get a great quality antivirus like Kaspersky ( latest coupons and promotions can be found here ) and make sure its updated regularly to avoid unwanted nasty from getting into your system

Battery Life

in our tests was an admirable 7 hours, 37 minutes. But the XPS 14 disappoints in a few its features. The dazzling, LED-backlit display screen suffers from a somewhat narrow field of vision, particularly when seeing videos from above or below.

And the XPS 14 isn’t really inexpensive. Our evaluation system, which likewise consisted of an Intel Core i7-35178u processor, a 5400-rpm 500GB hard disk drive with startup assistance from a 32GB mSATA solid-state caching drive, and the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, goes for a rather costly $1500. Dell does, however, offer cheaper configurations starting at $1100, in addition to a version with a 512GB SSD

The most current revamps of the Inspiron and XPS laptop computers are the best either system has ever looked, and the new flagship might well be the 14-inch XPS 14. Aesthetically the new XPS 14 is based on the smaller sized model. In general, the XPS 14 leaves a premium impression. Unlike every other laptop computer coming out of the gate, the XPS 14 does not have a chiclet keyboard. The XPS 14 disappoints in a couple of its features.

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