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Project Name: Automatic Baybus Digitaldoc5 Mod
Project URL: http://www.commongrounds-pc.com/
By: Gerald “BeoR” Yuvallos
Email: beor@commongrounds-pc.com


Are you getting tired or irritated by the whining your super fan makes? Are you yearning for some quiet moments especially at night? Guess what… you are not alone! Sure there are baybusses, rheostats, and some even use voltage regulators… but sometimes most people simply forget about them or forget to set them as desired. Don’t you wish that you can get around that and just leave your PC running without you worrying your fans working at the right level at the right time? Well now we can offer youi the best deals by way of coupon codes and promotional offers right here Keep on reading and I’ll show you how to leave those worries behind…

The Macpower Digitaldoc5 is a kick-ass product! Taking advantage of one of its features, I am going to show you how to make your cpu fan (or any other fan) run at full speed or run in silent mode without your intervention. Without further ado… I’d like to introduce you to the world’s first Auto-Baybus!


· 1 relay switch (Any type, but I’m using Double Throw in this guide)
· A small length of wire (18AWG or smaller)
· 1 fan (Any fan that you wish to use)
· Optional: additional 3-pin fan connector (will be covered in the last page)