Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review

Kaspersky provides a few different options for security depending on your requirements (like all the other firms), and I tested its Anti-Virus suite to see how it compares to the competitors. As its name suggests it’s a complete package of anti-virus that covers files, e-mail, “web” and even IM. The basic package covers three PCs for one year for $49.99, and there’s a 30-day trial (See it at Kaspersky.com)/ (See it at Kaspersky.co.uk).

Style and Features

Visually, Kaspersky does not attempt to do anything too flashy or stylistic. In reality, it looks sort of old-fashioned next to sleeker interfaces like those on BitDefender and Avast. Those 2 appearances practically as though they’re native Windows apps, with tidy, minimalist design. The interface for Kaspersky is also uncluttered, but it does not rather have that flare of sophistication of the other 2.

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Kaspersky scan

The color pattern is a cool mint green and white, staying on-brand, but much of what’s inside the app looks like some of the older menus on Windows. Adjusting the security level has a really Windows-like slider with 3 positions: high, advised, and low.


The defense can be toggled on or off for all sorts of common jobs, like utilizing IM or emails. Kaspersky will scan files, outbound and inbound instant messages, web traffic, and more if you want it to. I didn’t notice any efficiency drop with whatever turned on, however, the option to shut something down is there if you need it.


If you’re worried about keyloggers, Kaspersky includes a nifty onscreen keyboard, a function not present in comparable software services. It lets you type your passwords or charge card details without worry about anyone catching your keystrokes. You can likewise create a rescue disk, which might be practical if you find yourself on the receiving end of a piece of malware that blocks you from accessing Windows. Naturally, Windows supplies this too but plenty of people seldom take advantage of it.

Perhaps the greatest strength Kaspersky has over competitors is access to live client support. If you find yourself in a bind, you can reach a customer support specialist by e-mail, chat, or telephone. Compare that to something like Norton, where support is limited to neighborhood forums.

Test Results

For genuine world test results, we partnered with sis site PCMag for their comprehensive screening, which involves examining and combining market rankings throughout a variety of antivirus testing labs, as well as hands-on screening. Kaspersky has an AV-Comparatives score of Advanced+, the greatest possible ranking, putting it in the business of the exceptional BitDefender. In the AV-Test Institutes screening, Kaspersky got a perfect rating of 18, making it one of only two suites to achieve such a task.

A complete system scan took a mere 23 minutes.

In malware blocking, Kaspersky got an 8.4 from 10 which is okay, but clearly not top of the charts. Obstructing destructive URLs brought out Kaspersky’s weakest rating, as it was just able to beat 64-percent, however it excelled at anti-phishing tests. It vanquished Norton by a full 5 percentage points and beat Firefox’s built-in anti-phishing defense by a staggering 94-percent.

It also carried out well in terms of overall speed. In testing, a complete system scan took a simple 23 minutes, nearly half as much as the typical time for antivirus products. Much more astounding is a repeat scan wrapped things up in just four minutes.


Buying Guide

Kaspersky’s rates is middle-of-the-road for premium antivirus offerings. Its ” basic” rate is $50-60 for one year of security, however, there are loads of offers out there that knock this rate in half to $30/year. It uses multi-year plans as well, but they aren’t available at a steeper discount rate. Plus you can always get coupons and promotion codes for Kaspersky from top coupon sites like MyDealsClub and ACMSolver.org and save 30% or more when they are running coupon or promo code specials.

The Verdict

Kaspersky does many things well and a couple of things extremely well. Its interface is a bit too sterilized for my tastes, however, that didn’t detract from its ease of usage and superb general performance. I also I liked having the on-screen keyboard as an option too. It’s more expensive than a number of its contemporaries, however, you get a license for 3 devices, so it’s an excellent worth given its superior protection.

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